Steel Pulse: Go Barack!

Back in 1983, the night before my Calculus finals, a friend in the college dorms convinced me to join him to go see Steel Pulse. Luckily, I made the right choice and went. They were the best band I’d ever seen – the best music, voice, and message – period.

A few years later, I invited Cathy to a Steel Pulse concert (our band was supposed to open for them along with three or four others).

When we got married, we never missed a Steel Pulse concert until we had kids.

And now, recently, even our kids got to see Steel Pulse! See Cat’s blog post about our Steel Pulse experience >>

We still think they’re the greatest. (And what’s more, they’re working on a new album!)

Politically, Steel Pulse continue to support Obama with this song: “Go Barack!” 

“We need a leader, a leader / To march on to liberty / Get it together / Go Barack, Barack (Obama) / Put the country in the right direction / Fighting racists and Stop corruption / Go Barack, Barack (Obama) / World Peace is the best solution / Say we’re talking about / The future is bright / I see it in sight / Jericho walls are crumbling / And haters started stumbling / Stooping so low / I and I have spoken / I and I have chosen / Go Barack, Barack (Obama)…”

It’s time for the Obamas to invite Steel Pulse to the White House for a concert!