The colonial experiment ends in extinction and erasure. Have you noticed how fast social media is when it comes to removing pro-Palestinian content? Social media is complicit in genocide.

Puppet Politicians

Nothing has exposed our fake democracy more than Gaza.

Here’s Prof. Jeffery Sachs:

UPDATE: OOPS – censored

And just we’re all clear – this is how all our politics works.

No wonder we can’t do anything about Healthcare, or Guns, or Climate Change. All you have to do is follow the money – the legalized bribery we call lobbying.

But don’t take my word, here are the facts >>

Chances are high your representative is a puppet.

Hop on the flywheel of corruption!


Governor Abbott brings the fascism.

As peaceful, pro-Palestinian protests across the country are violently broken-up by university officials, it is worth noting that many of the students being arrested are Jewish.

What does it tell you that the teachers are siding with the protestors?

Israel’s fascism is U.S. fascism.

And Zionism is an insult to Judaism.