Keith Olbermann tells it

Keith Olbermann shows us what compassionate journalism looks like.  Too bad the mainstream anchors have been bought off. 

Olbermann’s transcript here >>

My evil thought: perhaps Rupert Murdoch will truly suffer when his turn comes to leave. 

And here’s a fun petition to help the Blue Dogs make up their minds about what’s right >>

How Much Does That Senator Cost?

If it wasn’t tragic, it would really be funny.
Our politics is based on lies and pay-offs. The Republicans we don’t even question any more – we know they’re just corporate hacks. On the Democratic side, the blue-dogs are making it fairly easy to see just how much it costs to buy off a politician ($3 million for Max Baucus; that’s the going rate these days).
In health care it seems we like monopolies, says Dylan Ratigan who points out the following:

a health care system was created in which a single health care company controls at least 30 percent of the insurance market in 95% of the country, including states like the following:
– Maine, where Wellpoint controls 71% of the market.
– North Dakota, where Blue Cross controls 90% of the market.
– Arkansas, where Blue Cross Blue Shield controls 75% of the market.
– Alabama, where Blue Cross Blue Shield controls 83% of the market.

Your insurance company is the death panel, America!
Here’s a dollar from Mr. Wendell >>
Meanwhile the Supreme Court is plotting on corporate free-speech
This plot needs a deus ex machina – Obama, wherefore art thou?