ZIBS: The Latest Collection of Branding Articles

The Zyman Institute of Brand Science at Emory University just put out a collection of branding articles:
– “Branding as Cultural Activism” by Douglas Holt
– “The CEO as Brand Guardian” by Will Rodgers and Christian Sarkar
– “In Search of a Reliable Measure of Brand Equity” by Jonathan Knowles
– “How Market-based Assets Generate Customer Value” by Raj Srivastava
– “Brand Hijack: When Unintended Segments Desire Your Brand” by Greg Thomas
– “ZIBSForum: The Power of Retail Branded Experiences” by Sarah Banick
– “The Power of an Emotional Connection” by William J. McEwen
– “ZIBSFORUM: Emotion Mining – Leveraging the Emotions Underpinning Brand Behavior” by Greg Thomas
– “Restoring the Power of Brands” by John Hagel III
[OK- so I wrote one of ’em.]
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