Wild Rumor: Ballmer Out, Clinton In @Microsoft

This one is so wierd, it could be true. Andy Abramson says that Bill Clinton will replace Ballmer, or perhaps get on the board. I believe it’ll be the latter.
Why? Because Bill Clinton can’t focus on just one thing. After all, he’s gotta fight AIDS, help with the Tsunami+Katrina recovery, build a sustainable energy strategy for the US, get Hilary ready to run for President, his Global Initiative, and his Small Business Initiative… and that’s just in the a.m.
See what I mean? No way he’s going to waste his time as president of Microsoft.
That said, he’ll do great on the board. He can go up against Al Gore who’s on the board at Apple. Frankly, I see Bechtel hiring him as an advisor before Microsoft. Now would that be ironic.
Besides, look for Google to hire him away from Microsoft! 🙂

One Reply to “Wild Rumor: Ballmer Out, Clinton In @Microsoft”

  1. The B of Ds sure. President I can’t imagine it.
    Why? One word “accountability.”
    The reported personality (I know nothing but what I’ve read and read between the lines) of Clinton would not respond well to the accountability at Microsoft.
    That’s not just accountability for financial results (can you imagine him getting fired?) but the fact that smart people at Microsoft are encouraged to question the hierarchy and each other hard. Straight talk and coming face to face your shortcomings (and an subordinate’s superiority)? Nah that’s not for a guy like Clinton, IMHO.

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