What Obama Can Teach You About Your Business

This article really is a bit too skewed on the “social networking” side of things, but I do agree w/ what John Della Volpe is saying, that Obama’s “blue-ocean strategy” to get the youth involved (beginning with Iowa), and his brilliant use of technology and social networking to attract, engage, and involve people in the campaign has made all the difference.
But Obama can teach business a lot more than Web 2.0.
His decision-making is classic Peter Drucker. According to campaign adviser Susan Rice:
“He listens to various viewpoints. He elicits dissenting views. He weighs those rationally and pragmatically. But then he tends to make a relatively swift and clear decision.”
Which makes Obama an analytical decision-maker with a talent for delivering inspiring speeches.
Leadership 2.0 is what we call it.
McCain, on the other hand, is reckless. And his incompetent decision to choose a clearly incompetent Palin as his replacement is an insult to the office of the President and the American people. He just doesn’t have a clue!

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