What Global Warming?

The current wave of “warming” is the longest in 1,200 Years. According to the researchers:
“We found that between [A.D.] 890 and 1170, there was statistically significant widespread warmth corresponding approximately to the so-called Medieval Warm Period… However, the most widespread warmth was found not in the Middle Ages but during the 20th century.”
Here’s the article.
The researchers believe that “this latest paper might be the nail in the coffin for the small minority of very vocal climate change denialists who continue to challenge the conclusion that the recent warming of the Earth’s surface is out of the ordinary.”
Dream on, scientists. The people who deny global warming don’t believe in science. They believe in money. And the money says there is no global warming. They won’t believe it even if they see it… Right, Texxon?

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  1. Well… like you said, they believe in money, and money says there is no global warming. But it is fair to say that when the serious effects of global warming does come about, it will affect everyone. And everyone’s money. The problem is that that time is not now, or now enough; so the money still says there is no global warming. Like any form of pitching, for start-up funding or a project proposal, the potential of start-up may be so clearly obvious to us and we have the numbers and research and all to back it up, but it may not be as obvious to others. So we need to find a way to communicate all these ideas, findings and such in to them in a way that’s important to them, that will strike a chord. In our case here, we have to communicate to them in the only language they know and will listen to, Money. But that’s not enough. As good as you have been so far, the people you are pithcing to for funding, will have probably listened to dozens of others on what great investment it would be to fund their start-ups. And they would have narrowed down their list on what they feel are good potentials. But they can’t provide funding to everyone of you at the same time. So, in addition to communicating to them in their own language, we have to create a sense of urgency on to them as well. “With our limited resources, why should we invest in to yours now? if ever? over the rest of them who seems to us to be as potentialialy good as an investment as yours?” And that’s exactly what is happening now. It is exactly why the money says there is no global warming. The opportunity cost of everything they do (except investing for ways to reduce the causes of global warming) to make money (that is contributing to global warming) is not urgently costly enough to worry about or even to acknowledge it exist. We need to find ways to communicate through to them that urgency: that the time is now. That if they take things like this for granted now, it’s going to cost them a lot, lot more than what they’re making now.

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