The War on Science: Bush takes scientists out of decision-making on species status

This administration is evil. They destroy life on earth every chance they get. All for a few bucks
That’s what you get with the GOP: rubber stamps (er, dodos) for industry.
Scientists can now go suck eggs.
Heckuva job, Bush! Here’s your contribution to world history:
Greenland ice sheet will virtually completely disappear, raising sea levels by over 30 feet, submerging coastal cities, entire island nations and vast areas of low-lying countries like Bangladesh
Latin America
The Amazon rainforest will become dry savannah as rising temperatures and falling water levels kill the trees, stoke forest fires and kill off wildlife
North America
California and the grain-producing Midwest will dry out as snows in the Rockies decrease, depriving these areas of summer water
The Great Barrier Reef will die. Species loss will occur by 2020 as corals fail to adapt to warmer waters. On land, drought will reduce harvests
Winter sports suffer as less snow falls in the Alps and other mountains; up to three-fifths of wildlife dies out. Drought in Mediterranean area hits tourism
Harvests could be cut by up to half in some countries by 2020, greatly increasing the threat of famine. Between 75 million and 250 million people are expected to be short of water within the next 30 years
Final note: so what’s a scientists to do these days? They can work on building invisible clothes for Bush and Exxon-Mobil executives.
And now, a word from our sponsors:
Global warming is brought to you by the Bush administration and is generously underwritten by Exxon-Mobil.

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