The New Evangelical Environmentalism

Bill Moyers’ Is God Green? Religion & Environment helped me see that not all evangelicals reject reality.
“A new holy war is growing within the conservative evangelical community, with implications for both the global environment and American politics. For years liberal Christians and others have made protection of the environment a moral commitment. Now a number of conservative evangelicals are joining the fight, arguing that man’s stewardship of the planet is a biblical imperative and calling for action to stop global warming.
“But they are being met head-on by opposition from their traditional evangelical brethren who adamantly support the Bush administration in downplaying the threat of global warming and other environmental perils. The political stakes are high: Three out of every four white evangelical voters chose George W. Bush in 2004. “Is God Green?” explores how a serious split among conservative evangelicals over the environment and global warming could reshape American politics.”
Here’s the declaration which splits the evangelicals.
Watch these clips:
Is God Green? Richard Cizik National Asssociation of Evangelicals
Rick Warren’s quote
How Cizik fell off his horse on the way to Damascus
Jesus didn’t do a cost-benefit analysis before he decided to act. So why are we getting hung-up with “ExxonMobil-ese”?

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