The Marketing Survey Rebellion

So many U.S. residents refuse to participate in marketing-research surveys that it has become increasingly difficult to get reasonably reliable consumer data — a problem of potentially catastropic implications for the big marketers who spend tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars for such research each year. “This is a problem of stunning scope,” explains reporter Jack Neff of Advertising Age.
Great news for Double Loop Marketing™ marketers like me. Why? Because marketers can test their new ideas, products, and services on a double loop site in a far more efficient and effective way than traditional surveys.
Listen to the audio interview here >>
I disagree with their take on online surveys – because they’re doing the same old junk.
What needs to happen is this: market researchers need to get off their cushions and start observing people in the marketplace and marketspace. Digital anthropology: the observation of online behavior. That’s it.
The market research community needs to get into Web 2.0, period.

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