The Executive Guide to Business Service Management

John Hagel has just written an insightful paper on Business Service Management, as they call it.
What is Business Service Management? The different vendors describe it in their own terms, but basically it’s about connecting your business processes to your IT processes, so you know the business impact (in $) when a server goes down. You could say that BSM makes IT accountable, finally.
Check it out here (registration required).

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  1. Recently I’ve written about syncronizing strategy and execution in my blog. Business Service Management from HP includes a product by the name of OpenView Business Process Insight (BPI). We are taking the notion of BSM to the business by partnering with Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion and SAS to create an entirely new set of solutions aimed at the business. Now the way the business is performing can be correlated to the plans of the business. Syncronization of strategy and execution. Have a look,

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