Who would Jesus Shoot? The Growth of Church Extremism

What happened to love, mercy, and forgiveness?
Everywhere you look, the churches of the world are turning their backs on Jesus, choosing social and political power over service to the poor.
The extremism of the Catholic church rears its ugly head again in Brazil, where a nine-year old girl gets excommunicated for getting an abortion to save her life.
Meanwhile in the American South we’ve got Christian militants ramping up, bringing their guns to church as a they build their christian security network.
The Talibanization of Christianity is not surprising when you look at the mindset of these people. They preach the gospel of fear, not love. If it was up to them, the apostles would be armed and dangerous, protecting Jesus by shooting anyone who came too close.
And when these same people start inciting violence, it’s time for reason to step in.
Who would Jesus shoot?
Really, … ask that question, and put away your guns.

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