On Drucker: John Hagel, Tom Peters, William Dunk

Here are more views on Drucker from some very smart people:
>> John Hagel on his Edgeperspectives Blog:
Drucker’s Gone
“I am laid up with the flu so I am still having trouble processing the reality that Drucker’s gone. Drucker was an iconoclast who lived on the edge throughout his life. Prolific until the very end of a long life (he was 95 when he passed away last Friday), he always sought to move beyond established boundaries, believing that they limit the potential for insight and understanding…” Read the post >>
>> Tom Peters, in his “Dispatches from the New World of Work” blog:
Peter F. Drucker: Right Man for His/Our Times
“…Peter Drucker did arguably (1) “invent” modern management as we now think of it; (2) give the study and craft of management-as-profession credibility and visibility, even though biz schools like Harvard had been around for a long time; and (3) provide a (the first?) comprehensive toolkit-framework for addressing and even mastering the problems of emergent enterprise complexity…” More >>
>> William Dunk at Global Province:
Death at Claremont.
“The ultimate prophet of profit, Peter Drucker died last Friday, his mind churning to the end. He had spent his last years in residence at Claremont, having made his early imprint at New York University with Juran, Deming, and Feigenbaum, and as one of these four horsemen helped remake Japan’s economy after the war. Standard reading in business schools and corporate suites, his books turned heads from here to Tokyo. Compared to him, all the gurus out of McKinsey and the business schools have always seemed to be pretty tame stuff…” Read more >>
BTW, I’m amazed at the response my Drucker cartoons are getting. It seems like the “community of Drucker fans” is alive and well.

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