Monetizing Bob Marley


Now we see that Bob Marley is going to be sold like soap.

Is this the end of the Marley brand?

Are we going to see Marley toilet seats and diapers?

Here comes Marley Cola, extra sharp.

Or: Marley chewing gum.

Or: Marley underwear:

Or: Marley real estate.

Or: Marley leisure wear.

Or: Marley golf clubs.

Rasta don’t work for no CIA, but he’ll work for a private-equity firm.

Shame on you Rita and Ziggy. Shame.

This could kill Bob for real.

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  1. The Sad End of Bob Marley

    The Productization of Bob Marley is one of the saddest moments in his career. Even revolutionaries get consumerized… See my 2009 post on the monetization of Bob Marley. The reality is worse than I feared.R.I.P. Bob! Your music will do…

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