John McEnroe: Give Tennis a Chance

The political machinations you find in national sports authorities, whether it’s US Track and Field (remember when they denied Carl Lewis a chance for his tenth gold in the relay?) or the USTA – which is hemming and hawing over letting John McEnroe set up a Tennis Academy in New York – are always horrible to watch, and even worse to experience.
It’s always gratifying to see people who never played the game at the highest level make big money off the game and mess it over at the same time.
Think Sepp Blatter’s FIFA and Samaranch’s IOC.
Disasters all around.
So who do we have to bribe to get John McEnroe a shot at giving back to the US tennis community?
Like McEnroe or not, you have to agree he always, always, showed up for the Davis Cup. I remember watching the great Arthur Ashe talk about McEnroe’s dedication to the red, white and blue. Let’s give him a chance, you guys in the USTA administration. There really isn’t anything to lose at this point. Think about it. Who do you want? McEnroe or FEMA’s Brownie?

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