IT Trends for 2007: Process Improvement Leads the Way

Process Improvement comes back into fashion. And this time there ain’t no Michael Hammer!
Here are CIO Insight magazine’s “30 Most Important IT Trends for 2007”:
1. Process improvement will be job No. 1
2. IT works on closing the sale
3. Companies make their Web sites more engaging
4. Customer service gets a tune-up
5. Companies put their mounds of data to work
6. Information governance gains momentum
7. CIOs strive to be strategic
8. The division between IT and business will diminish
9. CIO compensation keeps climbing
10. IT organizations will keep growing
11. CIOs struggle to find business-savvy technologists
12. Outsourcing changes IT management
13. Outsourcing growth slows
14. Offshoring shifts from India
15. Companies invest in IT leadership
16. Demonstrating ROI will remain a struggle
Security and Risk
17. No abatement of IT security threats
18. Security concerns turn users away from Windows
19. Security morphs into risk management
20. Compliance achieves what government intended
21. Compliance spurs financial process improvement
22. The move to a new architecture marches on
23. Enterprise applications start losing their luster
24. Data quality demands attention
25. IT reluctantly embraces Web 2.0
26. IT innovation loses traction
27. Business process management services and software will frustrate users
28. For business intelligence, the best is yet to come
29. IT organizations start going green
30. Dissatisfaction with vendors is on the rise
Have they forgotten anything?
Talent management. Not one mention of how finding and keeping talent is possibly the critical competence for IT, whether in the US, Europe, or India. Why is that? Because people are never a management priority. Come to think of it, wasn’t that the problem with re-engineering?

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  1. Interesting how three predicted trends (12- 15) talk about different aspects of offshoring? Though I am not sure what the writer means by 12 and 13…read together

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