I Work with Fools

The stupidity of business – exposed.
Why is it that stores don’t let you surf the Internet in the store? [I know they’re scared I’ll compare prices… but aside from that?]
Recently I needed some information to make a purchase, so I asked the store manager if they had an Internet connection where I could look up my information. “Sorry, you can only visit one site, ours…” he smirked.
I went home to get my info, and the company lost about $500.00 in sales, because I couldn’t stand the attitude.
The customer is not content to sit in a box any longer…

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  1. Why do stores do stupid things?
    Because manufacturers have spent billions reinventing and redesigning the entire supply chain except for the last 100 feet.
    We’re still handling customers and running most stores like it was 1975… except that we’ve cut the budgets. Supermarkets are an exception, home electronics, autos, are not.

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