Hope vs. Hate = Peace vs. War = Obama vs. McCain?

Growing up in India, we’d occasionally see signs of “communal violence” in the streets. Sometimes, school would be canceled, and we’d stay at home playing cricket or soccer.
Curiously, these acts of violence between Muslims and Hindus, or Hindus and Sikhs, or Hindus and Christians, or Hindus and Dalits, would appear precisely at the same time as the elections.
Politicians have a simple formula. Divide people and win. This worked for the British, and unfortunately, it’s still being tried in India today.
Another shameful political tactic to join a long list of tactics used to gain or maintain power. And the voice of sanity is, as usual, drowned out.
Now we have John McCain doing his best to raise fear and divide us here in the US. The sad truth is that we’re not as civilized as we think, and the Republican party continues to exploit these poor racists – taking them for a ride – like their parents before them.
What’s it going to be, America? Hope or Hate?

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