Get a Global Mindset, Will Ya?

How do you go about getting a global mindset? That’s a hot topic these days in B-school land…
Aside from learning Hindi and Mandarin and watching soccer on the spanish channel, you could read this book Managing With a Global Mindset >>
Kidding aside, the best way to get a global mindset is to travel, especially when you are young. Go East!
See as well.

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  1. I work as a school counselor in a district that is more than 40% Hispanic. Many of the students (and more of the families) speak little or no English.
    They come to the United States with a more global mindset than most of born in the US will ever have. I hesitate to call myself an American anymore, as opposed to a Mexican or Canadian since we are all Americans, from Alaska to Chile.
    I will be entering a Spanish Immersion class next summer, partly to learn Spanish, but also to learn another culture and hopefully expand my global-mindedness.

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