Fred Reichheld: “Drop Lengthy Customer Surveys”

Your next customer survey needs to ask one question, just one:

“How likely would you be to recommend our company to a friend?”

That’s what Mr. Loyalty has been saying for some time now.
“Our research indicates that customer-satisfaction numbers fail to show a consistent correlation with actual customer behavior and growth. Many companies have benefited from measuring customer retention, which provides a vital link to profits. Yet, measuring what we call “net promoters”-the percentage of customers who are promoters minus the percentage who are detractors-is even more accurate and makes the economics of retention more practical and achievable.”
I’ve been asked many times by clients what I think about net promoter scoring when it comes to online business. To which I say, net promoter scores are important online, because people trust their peers, more than they trust Gartner and Forrester for example. So start by make this one question the only question you ask in your online survey!

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