Foreign Affairs: It’s Judgement, Not Experience!

For those of us who say that Obama doesn’t have the experience to lead us in foreign affairs, let me just remind everyone that it’s not experience that counts but judgment. Unlike Dubya, Rumsfeld, Cheney and gang had plenty of experience, but they lacked judgment.
And it was this lack of judgment which led us into Iraq, diverted our attention and resources from Al-Qaeda, and ultimately caused severe damage to our relationships with allies like Germany, France, and yes, England (just ask Tony Blair). And that doesn’t take into account that we’ve dropped the ball on nuclear non-proliferation, Pakistan, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.
So how does a President reach out to mend fences?
It helps if they are liked.
Remember JFK’s “ich bin ein Berliner” line? Well, now the Germans have taken a liking to Obama. Check out these headlines:
Lincoln, Kennedy, Obama Frankfurter Rundschau
Der neue Kennedy Berliner Morgenpost
Dieser schwarze Amerikaner wird der neue Kennedy! Bild
Even the French are into it:
Obama Superstar Le Monde
In Spain:
Barack Obama: “El cambio ha llegado esta noche a América” El Pais
And how about the UK?
The first caucus of the revolution Financial Times
Groundswell for Obama leaves Clinton campaign on the rack Guardian
The White House? Political earthquake propels Obama towards presidency Independent
Hope and experience gave Obama the edge Telegraph
Iowa voters hail ‘turning point’ BBC
Finally, in India, of course the Indians are taking credit for Obama’s victory:
South Asian organisation a factor in Obama’s success in Iowa Times of India
So much for experience. It’s change, stupid.

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