Craig Barrett: Where the Science Nerds At?

“In China engineering accounted for 65% of all science and engineering degrees; in South Korea for 58%; and in Japan for 29%. In the U.S. that figure is less than 5%.”
That’s Craig Barrett talking about the dearth of students signing up for scientific degrees in BusinessWeek.
He goes on:
“While the number of jobs requiring technical skills is increasing, fewer American students are entering — and graduating from — degree programs in science, math, and engineering.
Why does this matter? Science and technology are the engines of economic growth and national security in the U.S., and we are no longer producing enough qualified graduates to keep up with the demand. ”
Intel spends $100 million a year on education programs- to create a deeper pool of qualified talent at home. Is it working?
I wonder how much Microsoft is spending… or Exxon-Mobil?
And when they spend the money, how do they measure performance?
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I posted on this earlier: Have We Given Up on Science?

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