China: Police State 2.0?

The opening ceremonies were spectacular. I’ll give them that.
But they were quite Orwellian as well…
Propaganda as theater. Theater as in the world stage.

Naomi Klein explains:
“The goal of all this central planning and spying is not to celebrate the glories of Communism, regardless of what China’s governing party calls itself. It is to create the ultimate consumer cocoon for Visa cards, Adidas sneakers, China Mobile cell phones, McDonald’s happy meals, Tsingtao beer, and UPS delivery — to name just a few of the official Olympic sponsors. But the hottest new market of all is the surveillance itself. Unlike the police states of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, China has built a Police State 2.0, an entirely for-profit affair that is the latest frontier for the global Disaster Capitalism Complex.”
What a disaster! Bring on the smog and mirrors.
P.S. – more on MacHistory here>>

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