Boycott Whole Foods: John Mackey’s Branding Problem

A few weeks ago I gave up on Silk Soy.
Now, I’m done with Whole Foods.
How does the CEO of a company justify his “politics” when it goes against the brand of his company?
The short answer is: he’s not the right person for the job. I mean, you won’t see the NRA electing Howard Dean as CEO. So how does Whole Foods have a CEO so out of touch with his customers values? Or his company’s values? On Rupert Murdoch’s WSJ no less. What’s next, FOX?
Bye-bye, Whole Foods.
Additional Reading: On Value and Values by Douglas K. Smith

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  1. LOL, Christian. You’re absurd to think that only or mostly liberals shop at Whole Foods (most of you aren’t financially savvy enough to have money for organic food!). I’m glad that you will inconvenience yourself to make no difference whatsoever in Whole Food’s bottom line. If you read the story, you’d see he provides excellent health care to his employees–better than what you’ll get with Obamacare. Of course, it’s hard to argue with the mentally deficient, so good luck with staying angry. Meanwhile, I’m going to invest some more in WF stock.

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