Another (Hot) Summer Gone

And what have we learned?
I took some time off the blog to focus on some off-line activities like working on my book on Double Loop Marketing. Must say I’m having fun working on it. And like all good research projects, I just have more questions.
I’ll be presenting some of my thoughts at a Penn State ISBM webinar on Double Loop Marketing later this year, so stay tuned.
I also did some travelling and learned that it’s time for Europe to get some basic summer necessities like A/C and ice.
Why is it that European restaurants give you two tiny cubes of ice when you ask them for ice in your drink?
I’m also learning that we are running out of snow-capped mountains – both in Europe and in the States. This global-warming stuff is going to eat our lunch. Which brings me back to air-conditioning. Why are the Europeans so averse to A/C? The Germans, and the French seem to be competing against each other: who can withstand higher temperatures without A/C?
There seems to be a perfect market for a low-cost, portable, one-room A/C unit, priced under € 200. Can it be done? And who’s going to do it? I’m betting an Eastern European immigrant will figure this out and become the next German (or French) billionaire.
Oh well. Thanks to everyone for the e-mails and inquiries while I was out. I will be getting back to you all over the next two weeks.
It’s good to be blogging again. And maybe I’ll even have something halfway intelligent to say in my next post!

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