Christian Sarkar is an author, entrepreneur, artist, and consultant.

He is the founder of Double Loop Marketing LLC, a marketing consultancy.  As the co-founder (with Philip Kotler) and editor of The Marketing Journal, he continuously scours the world of marketing for new insights and next practices.

He is also the founder of Ecosystematic, an ecosystem strategy consultancy.

He is involved in numerous non-profit and public-education projects, including The Wicked7 Project,  FIXCapitalism.com and the $300 House Project.

In 2021 Christian was named to the Thinkers50 Radar of global management thinkers primarily for his work on brand activism. Learn more at activistbrands.com >>

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Brand Activism: From Purpose to Action (2018)
co-authored with Philip Kotler, the “father of modern marketing.”

Losing Our Democracy (2020)
co-authored with Philip Kotler

Inclusivity: Will America Find Its Soul Again? (2012)
co-authored with Michael Gordon

Abstract Activism: The Art of Christian Sarkar (2017)


Christian is a leading authority in several areas:

  • Ecosystem Strategy: strategic insights and recommendations to help businesses and institutions tap into the power of ecosystemic influence and growth
  • Brand Activism: a growing trend that aligns businesses with the common good
  • Double Loop Marketing™: development and implementation of ecosystem-based engagement platforms
  • Thought-Leadership Diffusion: creating and spreading leading ideas in business and academia
  • Problem Solving: developing creative capabilities and solutions for the future


Christian has worked closely with several leading businesses and individuals, including:

  • Business: Deloitte Center for the Edge, Strategyn, Physician Leadership Institute, Center for Transformation and Innovation, Knowledge Kinetics, Penguin Books USA, Oracle, BMC Software, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Sun Microsystems, Red Hat Linux
  • Thought-Leaders: Philip Kotler, John Hagel, John Seely Brown, Stuart Hart, Anthony Ulwick, Tom Davenport, Marshall Goldsmith, Laurence Haughton, Larry Prusak, Vijay Govindarajan
  • Academia: Emory University, Thunderbird, Babson, UCLA, Dartmouth, Michigan, University of Houston, Harvard University, University of Vermont, Northwestern University
  • Start-Ups: Neural ID, Mezeo, Danube, Enterprise Informatics, Compliance Spectrum, Alertlogic, JME Software, Scalable Software, Neon Enterprise Software
  • Entertainment: Steel Pulse
  • Self-Help: The Work of Byron Katie
  • Non-Profit: Enterprise for a Sustainable World, Solar Electric Light Fund, International Fund for Africa, Partners In Health (Hold On [4 Haiti])





Christian’s art has been shown around the world. See: www.sarkarart.com